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Cook 'n' Lamb

An Eclectic Powerhouse Duo

On day one, these guys locked into their unique synchronicity, producing an unpretentious and powerful vibe. In fact, it is hard to believe that there are only two musicians creating it all. The sound is full and nuanced, artistic and fun. Get a taste of what those who have experienced a Cook 'n' Lamb show have been talking about, find a performance near you, or book the band for your event. Welcome to the official Cook 'n' Lamb site.

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Alan Cook and Gary Lamb had been prominent musicians in their respective music scenes before joining forces; Alan in downeast Maine and Gary in Cape Cod Massachussets. In 2021, Gary relocated to Maine and worked his way into the music scene, there.


Upon meeting, the two hit it off, finishing each others jokes and becoming fast and jovial friends. And from the first note of music together, it was apparent that the musical total was greater than the sum. The good vibes come through the music! Shortly thereafter, they took to the stage, setting their sights on New England.


A Cook 'n' Lamb show is a welcoming into the fold. It is an invitation to let your inhibitions go and enjoy life! Dance and be free, close your eyes and sing along, tap your foot sitting in the back, whatever feels right...

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1970 Montage

Folsum Prison Blues

90s rock Montage

Pearl Jam Black

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